Something happened to me. Something happens to you when your absolute favorite person in the world calls you a joke or a slut. I used to be so comfortable with the person that I am, I used to love myself, but something happened.

How do you get over first love heart ache?


Wrap yourself in all of the beauty that this world has to offer. You will be tempted to find every negative component of life and focus upon that but don’t forget how many amazing things this world also has to offer. Wake up tomorrow morning and listen to the birds sing, open the blinds and let the sunshine creep across your sheets or listen to the rain pitter patter across your window sill. Think about one thing you get to look forward to today and focus upon that. When you get up make yourself a breakfast to make you happy, if it’s unhealthy do not feel guilty, just do things to make yourself happy. 

Throughout your day, no matter what you have to do that day, remind yourself to take deep breaths, focus upon the beautiful colours our world has to offer, look at that girl smiling on the train and let yourself smile today. Focus your efforts on improving something about yourself you always wanted to, put your negative energy into something productive and smile in your happy moments. 

It’s okay to not be okay, but it’s also okay to smile and allow happiness into your life. 

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